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We're visual learners too, that's why we know good of instructions manual isn't going o cut it. See some tips and tricks of below for best success.

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What to do when you receive a sample

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We recommend to place the sample in the space you intend to install the final product. This is because it is best to see the colors in your unique lighting environment as the day progresses.

How to clean your walls before using our products

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We recommend to dust your wall with a dry cloth. Then, using water only and a lint free cloth wipe down your walls and remove any further dust and debris.

How to install a small size decal

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- First, cut the decals apart from the main sheet them come on.
- Make sure your walls are clean (with water only!) and dry.
- Separate the decals by shape, design or color if you wish.
- Use painters tape and place each decal on the wall
- Once you get a feel for placement, adjust any decals as required.
- Using the tape as a hinge, turn the decal over to remove the backing paper.
- Place the decal back on the wall and smooth with a squeegee or plastic card.
- Slowly remove the transfer paper.
- Repeat until complete!

How to install a large size decal

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- Make sure your walls are clean (with water only!) and dry.
- Measure you wall if required, to centre the decal or to help place in the location you'd like.
- Apply the decal to the wall with painters tape.
- LOTS of tape is your friend!
- Remove the tape from half of the decal, keeping one long strip of tape on the middle to act as a hinge.
- Peel back the backing paper from one side and cut it off.
- Place the decal on the wall smoothing from the inside out. Starting lightly at first, and then pressing firmer.
- Repeat for the other side and then slowly remove the transfer paper (if any!)

How to install wallpaper

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Our instruction guide for installing wallpaper can be found here

How to remove wallpaper

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Using a hair dryer, warm the vinyl to help loosen the adhesive. Then, from the corner pull slowly at a sharp angle to the wall while continuing to keep the vinyl warm.

How to remove decals

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We recommend to warm the decal with a hair dryer to help loosen the adhesive. The decal is ready when it easily removes at the edges. Pull back slowly at a sharp angle.

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