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Frequently asked questions

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How much do I order?

Our handy wallpaper calculator is here to help!

- or wallpaper we recommend to disregard windows and doorways
when determining how much to order.
- Our wallpaper comes labelled and is installed side by side. No need to account for the pattern repeat- we take care of that for you.

- We suggest to use excess wallpaper in other areas of the home like drawers, bookshelves, cupboards etc.

Wallpaper Calculator

How do I install the wallpaper?

Please view our instruction guide here

- Our instruction guide can be found here

-Our wallpaper comes labelled for installation and is to be installed side by side with an overlap of about 0.39”

-We recommend our wallpaper to be installed on smooth flat surfaces and at least 3 weeks after painting. For any textured walls, we suggest to order a sample first.

How do I remove the wallpaper?

-For our vinyl removable wallpaper, we recommend to warm the vinyl with a hair dryer to help loosen the adhesive before removing from the wall.

-Starting from one corner of the panel, pull down slowly at a sharp angle, continuing to use the hairdryer as you go.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

All our items are custom made to order and we do not offer returns or exchanges.

Please contact us immediately if there are any issues with your order.

Are there any care instructions?

Our removable vinyl wallpaper or decals can be cleaned with a damp cloth and water only.

What if I have textured walls?

How do I install delicate decals?

Intricate decals may be tricky to install. Place the decal design face down, and remove the backing paper from the decal as shown in the video.

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